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Hello Hollywood


When was the last time you followed your heart and just went for IT? Whatever IT might be.

A serial risk-taker, I’ve done it a lot.

Most recently, I went for it when I submitted a teaser pitch for a movie based on Syrah, Syrah the novel Nancy and I will release next summer.

And guess what? It was accepted. So I pitched the story in two minutes to a panel. Even more amazing, my pitch was one of two to “win.” You can watch it here.

Tomorrow I leave for LA to pitch it to the Weinstein Company.

This was the kick in the pants I needed to follow my heart and go for IT in a big way. And IT for me is writing fiction and stop trying to be food blogger.

On this page, you’ll start to find more stories about writing and reading. Of course I won’t stop cooking so occasionally I’ll post a recipe here or you’ll be able to find my recipes on Food52.

See you at the bookstore or–the good lord willing–at the MOVIES!


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  1. Robin

    Lori , this is amazing and awe inspiring !!!! You go girl ! Big Major Uber Congrats to you !!!!!


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