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What Do You Believe?

Counting our blessings.

Counting our blessings.

I believe:
Early mornings are sacred…
Reading a good book is the best way to spend an afternoon…
The harder I work the luckier I am…
Walking without any electronics frees you up to see what would otherwise be missed…
The more you give the more you get…
And that the ordinary is what can make a day extraordinary.

Two years ago when 50 was a year away, I began to think about what grand gesture would make it feel significant. Somehow that year went by without that remarkable event.

But something happened when I ushered in 50. I felt luckier than ever. Because I started to pay attention to the small stuff. And not just pay attention but really take a moment to appreciate it.

In other words, I stopped to smell the proverbial roses. And it made me feel so lucky.

I tried to impress that appreciation for what we have and how much we have of it upon Josh.

How lucky are we? I’d ask when we sat down to dinner.

Lucky indeed. We have our health. We have a home that shelters us. Food that keeps us fed. A job that keeps gas in our cars and our bills paid. And a sense of humor for those days when we feel less lucky.

I knew it was paying off when Josh brought this home from school.

And this season as I say goodbye to 50, I feel luckier than ever to have a happy, healthy child that still believes.

He believes so much so that bags with gifts in them can sit out in the open without him peeking in. And, he believes that Santa or his helpers fill our advent calendar.

Every year, I search for little treasures to fill the pockets. This year I decided those treasures would come from us.

Jack, Josh and I each completed the sentence, “I feel lucky because BLANK” on eight slips of paper. Then we folded them and Josh put them in the pockets.

Every morning Josh pulls out a note and reads it to us. Then we put it on the fridge.


To keep his believing going, I’ve scattered a couple of trinkets in the pockets.

Because believing is the luckiest thing of all.

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